Cursed Podcast

15. Gatekeeping, Gaslighting, & Go F*ck Yourself

March 13, 2020

We all know and hate them and unfortunately they are everywhere! Who are they, you may ask? They're the gatekeepers and gaslighters in the witch community. Yes, they plague us everywhere, but we're focusing on those that reside in the witch and pagan community. We talk about how to do what thou wilt, see the red flags, set and keep boundaries, and even how to identify if you're in a coven or a cult. So lend your voice, no matter how loud, and stand your ground with us as we shine a light on and call them out.

Helpful articles mentioned in this episode are:

7 Signs You've Joined a Cult, Not a Coven by Lyn Thurman

13 Types of Toxic Witches: How To Recognize & Deal With Them by Cyndi Brannen

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